We Understand Law Firms

Loeb Leadership has worked directly with law firms for 30 years, which is why we’ve become a sought-after thought partner to firms, the National Association of Law Placement (NALP) and the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA).

Over 1,000 legal managers have participated in our Managing for Impact program since 2013, and we continue to offer the program to more cities across the globe. Our training solutions provide practical and meaningful development opportunities for administrative staff members, managers, associates, and partners.

Development Opportunities For Every Role

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Making an Impact


Skill development for non-managers is often overlooked. Firms continue to express the need for staff to be agile, collaborative, empathetic and accountable. Making in Impact is an interactive, self-driven online development program that blends traditional knowledge transfer with relevant activities and homework assignments to allow participants opportunities to practice new skills. Unlike other eLearning programs, Making an Impact offers a community feature in which participants can connect to share feedback and insights and to encourage ongoing development. For additional information on why you should choose this action-based learning platform, click here.

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Managing For Impact

A Development Program for Legal Managers

Today’s legal managers need to balance conventional business demands, such as time management and delegation, with the complexities of leading people, such as managing performance and fostering collaboration. Join the growing number of current and emerging leaders who have prioritized their own development by completing our Managing for Impact program. Managing for Impact is adaptive and accessible to meet the needs of your organization, either through on-site or virtual facilitated workshops.

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Associate Development


Associates often join a firm with little to no preparation for the challenges of collaborating with partners and the administrative staff. Our associate development program provides insights and best practices related to the generational divide between associates and partners, aligning with partner expectations, using self awareness to enhance collaborative behaviors, and using feedback to develop and refine skills.

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Partner Coaching


Partners are human, just like the rest of us! Sometimes a partner might need someone to help refine an idea or to brainstorm on development opportunities. And, sometimes the demands of the role become overwhelming and the partner seeks to understand how to reduce stress and “show up” in a more collaborative and effective manner. Our team of experienced coaches can help partners work through a wide variety of opportunities.

We offer several public training programs throughout the year. Check out our calendar of events to discover when one will be at a city near you.