Why Leave Optimal Performance to Chance?

You hire smart people and you want them to live up to their fullest potential. When they’re successful, you’re successful. But developing and improving the skills of managers and leaders can be overwhelming. You don’t have to go it alone. We offer proven solutions that are designed to meet your needs. Coaching is an effective tool for improving a leader’s performance and translating new insights into measurable behavior change.

Partnering for Improved Leadership

Leadership coaching is a highly collaborative, individualized relationship between a leader and a coach. In essence, it’s a partnership in which both parties collaborate to reach an agreed-upon result. The objective of the partnership is to foster sustained behavior change and transform the quality of the leader’s effectiveness.

Coaches work with business leaders to enable their rapid development. Unlike training, coaching focuses specifically on the issues that a leader wants to work through. Thus it becomes a more practical and efficient way to improve skills and to achieve personal and professional objectives.

Why Partner With a Loeb Leadership Coach?

Loeb Leadership has offered coaching solutions since 1997. Our team of coaches possesses hundreds of combined years of experience. Many of our coaches have held senior positions in your industry and draw from direct experience with the same or similar challenges of your leaders. We take the time to ensure the best fit between a leader and coach, and we’ve helped dozens of leaders achieve extraordinary results.

Flexible Coaching Engagement Options

There are many coaching options available. The type of program a leader needs depends on the complexity of the challenge being addressed. Typically, a leader will opt for a 3-month or 6-month coaching engagement. These options allow for enough time for the coach and leader to establish a strong relationship and properly work through the identified opportunity. We also offer laser coaching and longer-term engagements. Laser coaching is an abbreviated engagement for those leaders who may have a short-term challenge they want to address. Long-term coaching is intended for those leaders who seek to explore a more complex issue.

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What Our clients are saying

I am grateful that our employee has had the opportunity to work with you and undoubtedly this has equipped her to lead her team through an extremely difficult and stressful situation. I say this notwithstanding that you and (coachee) have only worked together for about 4 months. The fruits of your work with (coachee) are being put to test more quickly than we ever imagined and in a situation as volatile as one could ever face.
I truly appreciated everything and, though your counsel, I learned a lot about myself. I would definitely recommend your coaching services to my colleagues.
— General Council
Thanks for all of your great assistance with (coachee). I know she really respected your guidance and I got the sense she really tried to absorb all she could from you. I am really pleased with the results and would recommend you highly.
— Partner
Having the pleasure of working with you at the start of my journey as CEO inspired a self- belief and confidence in my own ability that has undoubtedly added to the success that I and we have experienced over the last 3 years. Thank you.