Diagnosing Your Organization’s Health

Organizations must continuously find ways to work differently in order to adjust to the changing needs of clients and to optimize efficiency.

The challenge is that those employees who are responsible for affecting change are often too close to the work and are unable to offer an objective perspective. In these cases, the expertise of an organizational development consultant may be needed. Our team of highly experienced consultants can partner with you to find solutions to a variety of business challenges. 

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Through interviews, observations and assessments, consultants analyze the underlying culture of a team or organization and determine whether the parts are working together as a whole. If not, the consultants can offer practical recommendations for aligning all of the functional areas.

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Workplace Culture

Our consultants can work with senior leaders to define a statement of your desired culture. Then, the consultants can design a culture assessment that specifically measures progress against that vision. Through analysis of the assessment results, our consultants can help you identify key strengths and opportunities, as well as create and implement meaningful action plans.

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Change Management

Our consultants can assist with the implementation of recommended changes, including changes to team structure, work practices or management behaviors. If there is resistance to the changes, our consultants can advise on how best to lead through that resistance in order to achieve desired results.

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Problem Solving & Team Building

Analysis might show that there is a specific problem that is hindering an organization’s performance. Using learned methods in organizational planning and group dynamics, our consultants will develop and implement team building skills. This will help to improve team harmony through interpersonal communications and stress reduction, thereby increasing productivity.

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Process Consulting

Often times, an antiquated or inefficient process is at the root of organizational stress. Using proven tools and strategies, our consultants will identify successful practices and partner with the team to reinforce those applications and discard those processes that are not working.

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Meeting Design

Too often, meetings never accomplish much beyond getting everyone away from their desks. Our consultants can monitor how your meetings are used and offer recommendations for equipping managers with tools they can use to organize materials, set an agenda, and keep a meeting on task.