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LEADERSHIP for the 21st Century

in partnership with

Horsemanship 4 Life Academy at Green Acres Horse Farm

Horsemanship is Leadership

Green Acres Horse Farm 

of Cape May New Jersey


The Power of the Herd: A nonpredatory
approach to Social Intelligence, Leadership and
Innovation by Linda Kohanov

Our focus for these programs will be Mastering the five roles of leadership, determining which role is most natural for you. Employ the roles of Leader, Dominant, and Nurturer/Companion Once you know who you are you can learn, how you can affect the other roles in a positive and productive work environment.

Riding a horse through a body of water.

Learn how great riders became great leaders:

  • Alexander the Great
  • Joan of Arc
  • George Washington
  • Katherine the Great
  • Winston Churchill
  • Ronald Reagan

Our services are aligned with a professional organization serving the successful corporate community for 20 years. This company uses scientifically developed testing as well as traditional styles of talent development, team building, management enhancement, and ongoing corporate coaching.  In addition, the use of learning technology is blended to create a full experience which speaks to all ages and levels of teams and management styles.

Why You Need to Attend:   This workshop helps you transform the conflicts and power plays that occur in any group into opportunities for building trust, mutual respect, understanding, and teamwork! Learn how setting boundaries provides effective leadership while building highly functioning teams of engaged employees.

Researchers in human relationships have demonstrated how less than 10% of communication is verbal. A savvy business leader knows how to use the remaining 90% to calm, focus and motive others positively.

The emphasis is on learning how to thrive rather than simply survive, ultimately bringing these opposites into into an empowered balance and expand potential. Spend a day away from the office and in the stable, where you will realize the role you play within the team. Let the horses be your guide.