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About Us

Loeb Consulting Group, LLC is a management and leadership development company dedicated to cultivating high potentials in law firms, businesses and student and community leadership. We provide expert training and executive coaching services to all levels of leaders and managers, delivering measurable results by combining training and coaching expertise with a passion that paves the way to success.

We do this by:

– Helping individual clients to build solid management skills and successful leadership practices.

– Collaborating with clients to understand their culture and build practical training and coaching methods to aid in the development of their current and future leaders.

– Inspiring all levels of leaders from students to CEOs to utilize their capabilities and demonstrate leadership practices to move themselves, others and their organization towards success.

– Valuing diverse backgrounds, perspectives, opinions, thoughts, and experiences of clients to leverage each unique quality and bring innovative ideas to the organization.


Brief Background on Loeb Leadership Development Group (Established in 1997)

As a company, we have recently re-branded from Loeb Consulting Group to Loeb Leadership Development Group (LLDG) to reflect our commitment to and emphasis on management and leadership development. We consider increased self-awareness, solid understanding of successful leadership behaviors and effective communication practices to be non-negotiable skills of effective leaders. LLDG prides itself on offering a highly customized approach to leadership development to clients.   We select practices, techniques, and models from our tool box to create programs to reach our client’s goals. With over 20 years in the talent development industry (legal and non-legal), we draw from our expertise, and lessons learned to share those learnings with our clients and participants.  We believe in knowledge sharing and storytelling – two very effective practices of successful leaders. In addition, we strive to “model the way” as effective leaders as we prepare for and deliver organizational development efforts to our clients.

In addition to our deep bench of facilitators and executive coaches, we have successfully built a web of strong strategic partnerships with top tier consulting firms, enabling us to bring highly effective research-based programs and tools to our clients. Our customized Leadership Coaching services and our award-winning Managing for Impact training series are examples of how we are able to assist our clients.  We also have an outstanding instructional design team available to work with you in fashioning the right mix of training and coaching, if requested.


LLDG’s strategic partnerships with Wiley Publishing, Ken Blanchard Companies and McKinsey Solutions allows us to deliver diagnostic tools and training programs for leaders that are among the best. Our deep bench of coaches equips us to carefully match our coaches with our clients’ individualized leadership development requireme


Organizational Development Services

 Our Organizational Development Model

As a selected partner with McKinsey Solutions, we can offer our clients diagnostic services among the best.  Depending on the client’s needs, our OD (Organizational Development) specialists will build a tool to collect data from the organization.  If our OD team observes that one of the McKinsey solution tools will be most effective, we walk the client through the options with our McKinsey partners to assess which tool is best to fit the client’s needs.

Our diagnostic process identifies where the organization has strengths and where there may be some “fractures”.  We present our findings to the client with the goal of leveraging strengths, mending fractures and building a leadership and succession plan for sustained momentum to thrive today and in the future.

Our success derives from the success of our clients.  We are alongside our clients the entire way and support them throughout the entire process.  Our expert executive and leadership coaches will build on your leaders’ strengths to help them execute on the roadmap and solutions.  Our coaches will also act as “sounding boards”; holding leaders accountable for the commitments they choose to make as they move their organizations forward.


Executive Coaching Services

  • Our Coaching Model
  • Does Coaching Work?

Our Coaching Model

We work with highly valued and intelligent high achievers. We understand that our coaching clients have risen to their roles because of their talent. We also recognize that when an investment is being considered for a client it is because the high achiever is required to move out of his/her comfort zone and the organization is supportive of that journey.

Our coaching clients are lawyers (associates and partners), administrative legal leaders (mid-level managers to chief level leaders) and corporate leaders (emerging leaders to CEO). We work with national and international clients.

Loeb’s coaching services are always customized and based on the client’s coaching needs and requirements. Some examples of our coaching engagements are:

  • One hour debriefs on a specific assessment tool.
  • Three to six “laser” coaching sessions focused on one specific behavior to be modified (i.e. time management).
  • Ten coaching sessions for a new leader moving from an individual contributor to a manager of people.
  • Three-month coaching engagement to increase self-awareness, assess the coachee’s leadership development needs and build out a development plan.
  • Six-month coaching engagement to increase self-awareness, assess the coachee’s leadership development needs, orchestrate and conduct a 360 process, deliver feedback and be alongside the coachee for the remainder of the coaching engagement while competence and confidence is built to demonstrate the leadership skills and meet coaching goals.

Depending on the structure and goals of the coaching engagement, a typical coaching model includes:

  1. Pre-coaching data gathering through a coaching survey prior to the first coaching session
  2. Initial contracting and information gathering: the coach and coachee work to understand shared expectations, coaching goals and agreements.
  3. A Developmental Planning Meeting with the coaching client’s boss to seek feedback on established coaching goals. Coaching goals are refined as necessary.
  4. Assessment and feedback: the coach uses selected validated assessment tools and a qualitative 360 interview process with stakeholders (6-8 interviews) to gather data about the coaching client, and then delivers the feedback to the coachee in the spirit of growth and development.
  5. Development planning and implementation: the coach and coachee move from interpretations about data to enhancing specific behaviors and building a leadership development plan. The coachee might meet with his boss/sponsor(s) to discuss the development plan. Necessary adjustments are made to original coaching goals.
  6. Coaching sessions continue for the coachee to share how he is owning and practicing new behaviors and implementing his development plan. Discussions center around what is working, what is not working and what adjustments still need to be made. The coachee takes leadership of the purpose for each coaching session and how his coach can hold him accountable for the next session.
    1. Mid-point feedback is collected from the coaching client giving the coach the opportunity to model “seeking feedback” and to see how the coachee delivers feedback. In addition, the coach receives valuable feedback on how to make any necessary revisions to the coaching engagement from the coaching client’ perspective.
  1. Coaching closure and follow-up: all parties review progress towards coaching goal, growth attained and lessons learned by the coaching client. Strategies for continued support and development and recommendations for next steps are provided to the coaching client.


Does Coaching work?

The answer is Yes. When the coaching engagement is orchestrated by an experienced coaching firm who knows what is required to set executive coaching assignments up for success. Loeb’s coaching model requires a trusting relationship with our clients. The client must trust in our experience, coaching skills and genuine desire to help their leaders and businesses succeed.


How do clients gain trust in Loeb Leadership Development Group?

  1. We have been providing management and leadership development services since 1997. Our business has grown significantly over the years due to exceptional results and long- term relationships leading to referrals and more long term relationships over the years. Feedback from the coaching clients themselves provides a clear picture of the results of our coaching. Because of results like “The coaching was a game changer for our organization” to “Very valuable conversation and I appreciate your challenges to my thinking, and willingness to hold me accountable”, clients recommend us to other organizations, industries and personal friends and family members (probably the biggest compliment of all).


In return, we must trust that the client is willing to do the work required to set the coaching assignments up for success.


  1. We will eagerly share our knowledge and experience to teach you what you need to do in order to set your leadership development efforts up for success. We expect a willingness and ability on your part to do the work that is required in-house for the initiative to succeed.
  2. We expect you will be honest and candid with us. Tell us what is working for you and what is not; giving us the opportunity to pivot in order for the assignment to be successful.
  3. We expect you will allow our coaches to be honest and candid. We promise to “tell the kind truth” all along the way, so you can evaluate and assess where we are at any given moment and make the best decisions for your leaders and organization.
  4. We expect you to share our enthusiasm for your success.

Our Strategic Partnerships

Loeb has worked for years establishing solid relationships and partnerships with some of the world’s most highly respected training companies. To be accepted as a training partner means successfully meeting the criteria of these well-known organizations/thought leaders.

 A.  We are a global training partner with Wiley Publishing. This gives us access to research-based validated materials for:

Everything DiSC®

  • Workplace version, Management Version, Work of Leaders Version and the 363Version

The Leadership Challenge®

  • We persuaded Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, the authors of The Leadership Challenge® to dedicate time for writing an industry article on how their leadership model is demonstrated in the legal field. To do this, LOEB identified and gained the support of leaders we met in law firms who clearly demonstrated exceptional leadership. After interviewing with these leaders, Jim and Barry wrote an “industry article” showcasing exceptional leadership in the legal field and how these examples of leadership align with their foundational five practices of leadership. We are the resource Jim and Barry send legal clients when a legal client approaches them and is considering bringing their leadership model into their law firm and introducing it to staff or lawyers.

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team®

  • As fans of Patrick Lencioni’s book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, we were delighted to be in the first global certification program for the “group coaching/training program; The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive team®. This program walks intact teams through Lencioni’s model and how to move from building trust to results.

B.   We are a Channel Partner with Ken Blanchard Companies. This partnership allows us to customize and deliver Ken Blanchard’s tried and true coaching model called Situational Leadership II®.


Situational Leadership II®

We believe Situational Leadership II® is a coaching model anyone in a leadership role should have in their tool kit. It is a research based coaching model that is logical and intuitive. We have found, through our coaching work with lawyers who identify with the model, gain a sense of relief for having a language and a road map to coach those around them. I have also attached two recent articles written by one of our coaches Marc Friedman, Gordon and I, where we include the Situational Leadership II® model as an example for effective coaching. Both of these articles were printed in the New York Law Journal this year (Part I in March and Part II in May). We have a partnership with the McKinsey Solutions Group at McKinsey &Company

  1. We have a strategic partnership with McKinsey Solutions, a division of McKinsey Consulting

Through our work over the years with various consulting groups, we were approached by a leader at the McKinsey Solutions group to learn more about their solutions and to partner with McKinsey Solutions to introduce specific solutions to our clients who would find them to be beneficial in supporting their talent management initiatives. As a result of this relationship, McKinsey consultants work with Loeb, utilizing their specific tool (i.e. Organizational Health Index (OHI) and the OrgLab tool. Once the data is collected by the McKinsey consultants, LOEB has been trained to deliver the results to the client and then we leverage our people development expertise to create a plan to manage and develop talent based on the client’s goals.

Customized In-House Workshops

We have design staff and build customized instructor-led workshops for our clients. Some of the programs recently designed or in the pipeline for design include:

  • Managing for Impact: a development series for supervisors and managers
  • Coaching &Feedback
  • Influencing Others Without Authority
  • Leading Mindfully: Taking Steps to Reduce Stress, Increase Productivity, and Improve Relationships in the Workplace
  • Knowing Your Value and Values: Developing Your Personal Brand
  • Advanced Feedback: How to Flourish in Difficult Feedback Conversations
  • Managing the Generation Gap at Work: Reducing Intergenerational Conflict
  • Managing Change: Strategies for Helping Yourself and Others Through Organizational Change
  • Applying DiSC to Teams: Leveraging Multiple Styles to Enhance Team Performance

Our Values

Loyalty. Your success becomes our priority. We’ll continue to partner with you until your expectations are exceeded.

Strength and talent to take on any assignment and complete it to the client’s satisfaction.

Intuitive in demonstrating a sensitivity to and understanding of the clients’ culture and needs.

Flexibility in knowing when to intervene and when to foster independence.

Unique in offering various suggestions and specific solutions.

Passion for our client’s success.